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Medical Coding India | Medical Billing and Coding Companies in India – Ascent Business Solutions

Ascent Business Solutions (ABS) is a Leading medical coding company based in India with offices throughout the US. Our expert comprehension of multiple hospital coding disciplines and experience in multiple medical specialties enables us to meet the coding requirements of a wide variety of physician practices and Health Care professionals. Our accurate and timely medical coding would help you secure prompt payment for covered services.

 Medical Billing India
Our team of experts with their focus on specialty, superior workflow management and ideal revenue cycle practices can deliver amazing outcomes with their medical coding services. The team would assist you in overcoming all your coding challenges.

 Send us your work and let our certified (AAPC) coders code it for you.

Medical Coding Services Ensuring Maximum Reimbursement

Ascent provides cost-effective medical coding outsourcing services which reduce your operating expenses and administrative workload. In our commitment to being a preferred medical coding company, we provide state-of-the-art procedural and diagnostic coding for all major medical specialties including:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Dentistry
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstetrics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Osteopath
  • Otolaryngology
  • Pain Management
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Physical Therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Urology
  • Vascular

Strengths of Our Medical Coding Company

  • Our medical coders are AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders) certified with years of experience.
  • Our certified coders are up-to-date on correct coding initiatives, bundling and unbundling procedure changes, payer specific requirements and any state or federal government compliance issues.
  • Our coders scrutinize, analyze, and carefully assign the codes, preventing denials and enhancing reimbursement.
  • We provide quality medical coding services within the TAT requested by the client.
  • Our Medical Coding Services Cover
  • Hospital / in-patient coding
  • Emergency room e-code evaluation
  • Medical coding audits
  • Backlog coding resolution services
  • DRG/ICD-9-CM coding validations
  • CPT medical coding
  • ASCs – Ambulatory Surgical Centers Coding
  • ICD-9 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines
  • Our Service Advantages
  • Fully compliant with government regulations
  • Clean claims and fewer denials
  • Fast, optimized reimbursement
  • Ease of submitting and retrieving documents
  • Greater rate of accuracy
  • Certified in-house coding specialists
  • Regular QA checking with readily available reports
  • Regular feedback on your documentation and coding changes
  • Faster TAT

Contact Ascent Business Solutions, a Medical Coding Company in India with a difference. The CPC Certified Professional Coders come from medical background and are extremely proficient in the code sets and usage guidelines.

Ascent Business Solutions 

Find out how Ascent Business Solutions  Medical Coding India can help your business to build stronger relationships, realize greater efficiencies, and increase profitability.

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Ascent Business Solutions Offshore Medical Billing and Coding in India

How to Select a Provider to Increase Collection and Lower Cost?

Medical billing is our core competency and we can efficiently manage all your Medical billing needs. At Ascent Business Solutions Our Medical Billing specialists have over 10 years of experience with all key insurance payers including Medicare and Medicaid. Use the services of one of the top Offshore Medical Billing Companies in India to make your task less resource consuming.

Medical Billing is the process of delivering bills to the insurance corporations in a stipulated structure for the service provided by the physician or doctor to the patient. The process of end to end billing comprises of three main associates namely the patient, provider and the insurance company. At Ascent Business Solutions, we deliver appropriate end to end billing services that have earned valuable and esteemed clients to our firms, since we give assistance to our clients in prospering their business and has enhanced the revenue.
The initial process in the end to end Medical billing starts with the patient. All information about the patient taking treatments in a healthcare unit or medical institutes are documented and coded by the doctor or physician. This process of medical coding is done by the professionals, the coding about the patient is done, to be more specific, inpatients record or information is coded than that of the outpatient’s information. Thus, the medical institute or healthcare center is now a provider forming the second stage in end-to-end billing process.

From this level, the coding or medicinal information about the patient is transferred to next level, the Insurance Company. The two steps that exist in between the transfer of codes from provider to insurance firms happen at Ascent Medical billing Companies in India, which takes care of all invoices and transaction that are done. Second step is the clearing house that translates the claims into specific format that is sent to the insurance companies for medical claims. Contact Ascent Business Solutions for end to end billing needs!

Ascent Business Solutions 

Find out how Ascent Business Solutions can help your business to build stronger relationships, realize greater efficiencies, and increase profitability. 

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Corporate Office

US Office 
101 Eisenhower Parkway, Suite 300
Roseland, NJ - 07039 USA.
Ph: +1-888-552-0860
Fax: +1- 203- 286- 2274

INDIA Office
22, IT Park, Opp. VNIT Campus, 
South Ambazari Road,
Nagpur-440022 INDIA.
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Fax: +91- 712-2222734

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Healthcare BPO India – Medical Billing, Medical Coding and Medical Transcription India 2013

USA Healthcare MarketPlace

Healthcare MarketPlaceThe aggregate esteem of the U.S. medical insurance business methodology outsourcing market is about $38 billion, as per Sutherland. As per industry information, interest for medicinal services outsourcing administrations has been developing at a pace of something like 25-35 for every penny each year throughout the most recent not many years. Health awareness supplier outsourcing has the most elevated development rate of 31.9% from 2013 to 2018 on account of the transformation from ICD-9 coding framework to ICD-10 coding framework to be actualized by October 2014 in the US. Supplier outsourcing proficiency are Medical Billing, Medical coding and Medical Transcription

Medicinal Billing is the real process outsourced by the suppliers from the US showcase and Claims handling is the ruling outsourcing process for the Payor Market. U.S. is the biggest wellspring of outsourcing, emulated by Europe. The most favored end is India in payer and supplier outsourcing. Philippines are an approaching goal making its check in payer and supplier outsourcing. Therapeutic Transcription is a Us$ 18 billion industry developing at 15% each year and is required to achieve US$ 20-25 billion in next five years.

Outsource HealthCare in India

India has favorable circumstances when contrasted with the other outsourcing objectives, for example, has accessibility of high number of human services experts, reasonable average cost for basic items, extensive patient pool, and diminished time and cost of recruitment. The ability sets for this division requests graduates in Life Sciences with a specialization in science, microbiology, non-intrusive treatment, natural chemistry and nursing for the therapeutic coding space. The information entrance portion searches for writing abilities as well as competitors with scientific capabilities.
HealthCare BPO in India

The voice based assignments call for graduates with amazing relational abilities.  India has now created itself as an outsourcing end of decision for the Medical coding work, which is a convoluted methodology. In the course of the most recent two years, more of the in-patient coding work is, no doubt outsourced to India and is beyond question the most mind boggling coding work.

Medicinal Billing & Coding is the procedure of submitting and catching up on cases to insurance agencies so as to get installment for administrations rendered by a medicinal services supplier. Medical translation, otherwise called Mt, is a united health calling, which bargains at the present time Transcription, or changing over voice-recorded reports as directed by doctors or other medicinal services experts, into content design.

Outsourced Medical Coding and Billing

Medical Coding and Billing have advanced into complex prepare because of the change from ICD-9 coding to ICD-10 coding instrument which is a great deal more definite in its Code-sets, stresses the need for clinical documentation to be exact so as to get precise installments. Numerous Providers additionally distinguished the degree of income misfortune brought about because of poor documentation dependent upon the past cases information and poor documentation likewise made issues throughout reviews which accelerated income misfortunes as well.

The following not many years there is exceptional chance for development in this fragment and vast Indian players too are taking a gander at this section however this portion is overwhelmingly commanded by little authority players just. Medicinal Transcription outsourcing activities to India began almost 15 years prior and numerous organizations have been fruitful in overhauling the US customers with the accessibility of the talented ability pool and work arbitrage as the expense is exceptionally less in India. A large portion of the Indian BPO merchants offer the therapeutic coding and Transcription administrations and are additionally looking to gain organizations in this section as apparent with M&A action in Healthcare BPO portion.

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Difference Between ICD-9 and ICD-10

So what are the true contrasts between it and ICD-9?  In a meeting with TMA’S Associate Vice President for Practice Management Services Peggy Pringle, Denny Flint, president of Complete Practice Resources, illustrates that structurally the two codes sets are not all that diverse. ICD-9 codes have three to five numeric digits, while ICD-10 has three to seven alphanumeric digits. The switch a year ago to HIPAA 5010 transaction guidelines for electronic cases made ready for practices and payers to have the capacity to suit the additional digits.
ICD 9 cm and icd 10 cm
As a therapeutic charging proficient, it is key that you comprehend the contrasts between ICD-9 and ICD-10. Rehash after me: ICD-9 is to ICD-10 as VCR is to DVR. As it were, ICD-9 is the old school coding order framework, while ICD-10 is the new kid around the local area.

The contrasts between the two are equitably noteworthy. Here are several regions where they vary:
Number of codes: ICD-9 has a little more than 14,000 determination codes and very nearly 4,000 procedural codes. Conversely, ICD-10 holds over 68,000 conclusion codes (clinical alteration codes) and over 72,000 procedural codes.

The data passed on by the code: ICD-9 codes hold three to five digits starting with either a number or a letter, with a decimal focus set after the third digit, and the ICD-9 book demonstrates the level of specificity for every code. ICD-10 codes, then again, are seven digits long.

The leading three digits are like the comparing ICD-9 code, with a decimal focus after the third digit. However the digits that accompany the decimal focus have particular significance. For medicinal and surgical methods, for instance, the digits that take after are particular to figure part, surgical methodology, and different qualifiers required for charging. Essentially, the ICD-10 Cm codes that speak to judgment codes additionally have seven digits.

ICD 9 To ICD 10

The primary three are like the ICD-9 code, however the extra codes add specificity to the code, for example laterality, ceaseless versus intense, et cetera.

The most recent modification of ICD, ICD-10, has been in actuality since 1998, however you wouldn't realize that here in the U.S., which is the last industrialized country to execute ICD-10 has devised a workable plan to stage a 10-year delay. Restriction to ICD-10 is essential dependent upon the timing of introductory expenses, especially during an era when the U.S. is attempting to control the climbing cost of human services. Today, in spite of push back from medicinal associations like the American Medical Association (Ama), the United States wants to run send with ICD-10 usage.

The move to ICD-10 includes additionally preparing for you in light of the fact that ICD-10 codes are every one of the seven-character long alphanumeric codes. In the event that a particular "put" in the code isn't to be utilized, a placeholder character (x) swaps it. This speaks to an actually diverse method for coding and will challenge even the most prepared experts in the early organizes.

Taking everything into account
ICD-10 is not a straightforward overhaul to ICD-9.  The structural changes all around the whole coding framework are exceptionally huge, and the expanded level of unpredictability obliges coders to be considerably more altogether prepared than some time recently.  However, it is conceivable to plan for the progressions by recalling a couple of straightforward guidelines:
ICD 9 vs ICD 10

Prepare Early- The more well known your staff are with ICD-10, the better. While at present planned to start Oct. 1, 2014, starting the preparation now is not a terrible thought.

Comprehend the ICD-10- The structural progressions require a change in the way individuals contemplate coding, and comprehension it will serve to end current coding propensities.  Medical experts used to reporting things a certain way so they might be coded may need to change what they say so as to work well with the new framework.

Request assistance if there is something you or your staff require assistance with or don't comprehend, ask from some help from ICD 10 Expert.

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Some Medical Billing Updates To Be Made in 2014

The New Year dependably carries any desire for included development and reestablished flourishing. Also 2014 ought to be no diverse.
Medical Billing Updates

Be that as it may, for doctors to amplify repayments in the impending year, they're set to need to embrace an arrangement of progressions in their billing and coding conventions.

Today, we'll investigate the four most vital billing changes medical practitioners will make in 2014 to keep up a solid income stream.

1. ICD-10 – That's correct. The since a long time ago expected, New International Classification of Diseases code set will at long last undertake October 1, 2014.

Under ICD-9, Healthcare coders presently work with about 13,000 judgment codes. That measure will expand to roughly 70,000 judgment codes once the switch to ICD-10 is made. Add these to the new procedural codes and the sum comes to just about 155,000 codes.
Healthcare services suppliers may as well need potential billing and coding obstructions and conceivable benefit diminished throughout this gigantic social insurance billing redesign. You'll need to begin preparing for the switch at the closest conceivable opportunity to help lessen the effect.

In the event that you still suppose you won't have the ability to stay aware of the many new judgment and procedural codes, perhaps now is the right time to think about outsourcing your medical billing to an unbiased gathering revenue cycle management result.

2. Healthcare Services Exchanges (HIX) - How HIXs will set installment rates is still a lack of determination, however a few states are now adjusting with Medicaid costs, bringing about easier repayment rates for specialists. Couple lower installments with an inundation of many new patients and practices are confronting a few genuine hops in expenses.

Relieve underwhelming repayments by actualizing new innovations like EHRS and complete practice management solutions that streamline your workflow and assistance move patients through your practice quicker, a quality that will be fundamental as you look to take in additional patients to counterbalance diminishes in income.

3. Modified CMS 1500 Form – The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have discharged an overhauled cases structure that will be disseminated for utilization on January 6 and come to be compulsory by April 1. The new structure has been made to suit ICD-10 come October. Check with your payers for their anticipated viable dates.

4. Changes In CPT Code – The American Medical Association's current procedural wording code set will experience a monstrous upgrade at the begin of one year from now. In September, 353 progressions were advertised, a large number of which relate to engineering upgrades.

"The CPT code set is the establishment whereupon each component of the Healthcare group specialists, healing facilities, unified health experts, labs and payers can effectively impart exact data about medical managements," said AMA President Ardis Dee Hoven, M.D.
"The most recent twelve-month changes to the CPT code set reflect new innovative and experimental progressions accessible to standard clinical practice and guarantees the code set can satisfy its fundamental part as the health framework's regular dialect for reporting contemporary Healthcare methods."

This is acknowledged to be the biggest CPT code adjustment in years. The 2014 CPT codes and descriptors could be acquired and foreign made straightforwardly into existing claims and billing programming utilizing this downloadable CPT 2014 Data File.

Eventually, doctors need to plan for these billing changes provided that they need to continue gaining the suitable repayments for managements rendered. Verify your billing section is dependent upon speed on all adjustments coming about because of the Affordable Care Act and also other HHS overhauls in 2014.

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How Outsourcing Help Hospitals and Patients in Time And Money

8 Ways Outsourcing Can Help Hospitals and Patients

Over the last fifteen or twenty years, hospital billing and collections policies and practices toward uninsurable and underneath-insured patients have return under exaggerated scrutiny, ensuing maybe with the creation of the extremely disputed Affordable Care Act.

Ostensibly, the business of each hospital is to supply the most effective quality care and meet the wants of the patients and communities they serve. The results of every hospital vary for a spread of reasons. However one problems that nearly all hospitals have is with regards to the patient's experiences relating to billing problems once (and persistently, before) their treatment. Most hospitals are still got wind of victimization systems transmitted from the Nineteen Forties, and lack the resources and ability to make sure positive resolutions. A lot of typically than not, this can be why relationships with patients suffer.

Lost healthcare revenue in American hospitals because of self-pay billing problems is as high as 20 to 30%. in addition, consistent with a Ponemon Institute survey of 577 health care professionals, U.S. physicians and hospitals are within the digital Middle Ages once it involves victimization the most recent mobile devices and web services to deliver patient care. As a result, U.S. hospitals absorb associate degree calculable $8.3 billion annually, similarly as combating security and privacy issues arising from the mainstreaming of social media at a time once federal rules afford steep fines once it involves violating patient privacy.

"People World Health Organization assumes the ACA goes to be a revolutionary modification in however we tend to do things," says Hal Stern, corporate executive at money Health, "aren't viewing it properly. The monkey courts we tend to decision a government are creating political capital out of all this, and there is actually some with nice money interests at play. However as long as we tend to keep doing things identical approach, we're at healthcare to have identical issues."

Major Medical Billing Errors

Hospitals within the U.S. leave around $125 billion on the table annually because of poor billing practices. 2 of the foremost common factors conducive to a loss in profits are:
  • Errors in Billing - It's calculable that up to 80 % of medical bills contain errors. Insurance firm’s are terribly strict on correct medical billing and secret writing practices, associate degreed even the littlest mistake will cause an insurer to reject a medical billing claim.
  • Failed To Maintain Billing Rules and Regulations - These rules are perpetually dynamical, requiring physicians and directors to pay time and cash on continued education, software, or workers coaching to remain current, having an immediate result on the income and profits of a apply.
"Say what you prefer," says Stern, "but hospitals and federally qualified healthcare centers typically have old computers and internal systems. The windstorm of health care policy changes, difficult claim procedures and blizzard of documents and data build terribly exhausting for them and for patients. The number of valuable revenue left unwanted by hospitals as a results of all this can be astonishing."

The progressively associate degreed more difficult medical finance method has left healthcare suppliers with an inability to determine a monthly income. Outstanding medical bills mount and crucial health care enrollment help becomes progressively frustrating within the face of restricted budgets and resources. As Stern has noted, notwithstanding and once the ACA is up and running, none of this may modification because of the old nature of the systems.

Best Ways by Which Outsourcing Can Help You

In position of the very fact that nobody has been ready to build any notable enhancements to the system, outsourcing medical billing remains the one potential for hospitals and healthcare centers once it involves recapturing lost revenue. It expense could seem prohibitory initially, however once everything is accessorial up, it always finally ends up being a lot of helpful all around. Here's why:
  1. Most billing services charge on a percent-basis that means they're going to solely charge a proportion of the revenue they're transfer certain your company. With this in mind, they are going to be plenty a lot of diligent concerning quicker collections and resubmitting claims. Your current staff does not have time to run through denied claims. A third-party skilled is devoted to the present.
  2. Employing workers for billing functions will get costly. Hiring one new person suggests that the prices of coaching, the employee's pay, benefits, and taxes, similarly as compensation for turnover. Outside billing services eliminates these headaches by already having trained professionals.
  3. Outsourced billing firms have a lot of billing and secret writing experience and necessary resources. For one payment, you'll source services that may are expensive to handle internally.
  4. Certified billing firms are compliant with the most recent health care laws, like HIPAA and also the Health Care Reform bill, guaranteeing that the laws ar perpetually being followed.
  5. With a proactive, skilled and economical medical billing apply in situ, hospitals will operate at prime potential and eliminate expensive errors that interfere with their ability to supply the most effective patient care.
  6. Patients have less patience than ever and wish to chop through the officialdom hurdles preventing them from securing insurance. It is vital for the business to own in-depth data and in depth expertise in health care eligibility verification.
  7. Patients World Health Organization are not qualified for health care and don't have any insurance will profit greatly from the large choice of skills and alternatives that outsourced billing firms will typically assist with.
  8. Creating a cooperative and positive billing expertise for patients leads to a financially solid bottom line, predictable income, and exaggerated internet revenue while not sacrificing client satisfaction and precious time, money, and resources.
The results of outsourcing embrace bated patient frustration, a financially solid bottom line, predictable income and exaggerated internet revenue while not sacrificing precious time, money, and resources. That is a thought that hospitals and patients will actually have the benefit of these options.

Sources - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tom-lowery/7-ways-outsourcing-can-he_b_4350244.html

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Leading Offshore Medical Coding Companies in India

Medical Coding Companies in India have grownup enormously like different outsourcing perform in India like Legal Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing etc. The growth in Communications and net has been the most important enabler of the price Arbitrage between Developed Countries and India. The globalization of Capital, Information and Trade has not been in the midst of a real globalization of Labor. However the uncontrolled force of laissez-faire economy finding out higher profits has created Medical Billing to India an enormous success resulting in a win relationship. Medical Transcription Companies in India area unit still quite tiny compared to their large IT counterparts like Wipro, TCS etc. 

Most of those Medical Billing Companies can most likely not win that scale either being eventually absorbed by the Biggies as they appear to expand their Domain experience to Medical Billing and Transcription.  

Ascent Business Solutions
Medical Coding and BillingAscent Business Solutions are the Leaders in Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing in India. It provide integrated health care business solutions not just for their clients in India, but also provide solutions and services across the globe. A number of their services are Coding Analysis, Coding Documentation, Medical Transcription, 
Health Care Offshore Medical Billing and Coding in India. Ascent Business Solutions offer Knowledge Process Outsourcing Service for many complex processes in the medical and healthcare industry and Ascent is offering value-added services like medical and surgical content management, ICD Coding, HCPCS coding and spend management analysis.

Ascent Business Solutions encompass a comprehensive suite of back office services for physicians and hospitals ranging from Medical Transcription Services, Demographics Entry, Offshore Medical Coding in India, Charge Entry and Payment Posting Services, Accounts Receivable Management, Customized Software Solutions.

In order to pick a service supplier, one ought to clearly detain mind the expertise of the supplier. Secrecy of patient information is of utmost necessary therefore you must make sure that the supplier you decide for is 100% HIPAA compliant. Having knowledgeable and competent Medical Billing service supplier by your facet can guarantee growth in your patient base with facultative you denote a lot of quality time towards patient care.

Ascent Business Solutions 

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